14 September 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 1

The Picks:

Dallas -6 over TAMPA BAY (BS: Dal -6)
Washington +6.5 over NY GIANTS (BS: Was +6.5)
TEXANS -4.5 over NY Jets (BS: NYJ +4.5)
Chicago +3.5 over GREEN BAY (BS: GB -3.5)
NEW ENGLAND -10.5 over Buffalo (BS: NE -10.5)

The Results:

Dallas 34 Tampa Bay 21 (Woohoo!) BS: 1-0
No doubts about this one, Dallas probably aren't that good, but the Bucs are rebuilding, and had some recent turmoil to deal with.

Washington 17 NY Giants 23 (Woohoo!) BS: 2-0
Got to love late covers. Neither team looked particularly good. The Skins coaching staff clearly has no faith in Jason Campbell as they took the ball out of his hands in a lot of key possessions.

Houston 7 NY Jets 24 (D'oh) BS: 3-0
Rookie QB looking great. Didn't expect that. Houston's defense didn't put the pressure on that I expected them to. I think it's going to be another mediocre season for a mediocre Texans squad. The Jets prospects for the season are much better, however. They might even win their surprisingly crappy division. I don't buy that New England is back to being dominant, Miami is going to slip back this year, and the Bills are the Bills, so that leaves a Jets team with a solid defense and a decent offense assuming Sanchez keeps playing well.

Chicago 15 Green Bay 21 (D'oh) BS: 4-0
Something about being the QB for the Bears that causes players to throw the ball to the wrong team I guess. Cutler gets picked 4 times in his debut, and to top it off Urlacher is out for the season. The Packers didn't look much better, they barely won, even with all the gifts from Cutler. Could be a long season for both teams, the Vikings are going to run away with this division.

Buffalo 24 New England 25 (D'oh) BS: 4-1
Didn't see that coming. Buffalo controlled this game, played well on both sides of the ball, and gave it away at the end on an ill advised runback from a kick-off late in the game. That's been the story of this Bills team, they find a way to lose, especially against the Pats. Brady was rusty, but put up big stats, and the Pats' defense doesn't look particularly formidable. Even with a healthy Brady, they look like a 9-7 or 10-6 team right now.

So, that was a terrible 2-3 week for my picks, while The Sports Guy went 4-1 with only his beloved New England Patriots letting him down by not covering the spread.

Good thing there were no cheap rooms in Vegas this weekend, would have been expensive for me.

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