21 September 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 2

The Picks:

New Orleans Saints (PK) over PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (BS: NO)
NEW YORK JETS (+4) over New England Patriots (BS: NYJ)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-3.5) over Baltimore Ravens (BS: BAL)
DALLAS COWBOYS (-3) over NY Giants (BS: NYG)
MIAMI DOLPHINS (-3) over Indianapolis Colts (BS: IND)

The Results

New Orleans Saints 48 Philadelphia Eagles 22 (Woohoo!)
The Saints really are the best offense in the league, and if the other team's offense coughs up the ball, then there's no stopping them. Eagles weren't at full strength, so it's hard to know if the Saints' defense is actually any good. But, with their offense they only need to be adequate.

New England Patriots 9 New York Jets 16 (Woohoo!)
The Jets have a solid defense, and they don't make mistakes on offense (even with a rookie QB). That's a winning combination in this league. I said it last week, and I'll stick with it this week, looks to me like the Jets should be favored to win the AFC East, and the Pats are looking like an 8-8 team, even with a healthy Brady.

Baltimore Ravens 31 San Diego Chargers 26 (D'oh)
The Chargers tried to play it cool by wearing their white unis in the San Diego heat on Sunday. Didn't work, they almost overcame two turnovers, but against the Ravens defense you can't afford to give up any possessions. If there's such a thing as a quality loss at home, this was it for the Chargers, they showed something in this game, they just didn't win. The Ravens may be the team to beat this year, if they stay healthy, these two teams just might be playing each other again in the AFC Championship.

NY Giants 33 Dallas Cowboys 31 (D'oh)
Ha, ha, I may have picked incorrectly, but it was still somewhat satisfying to see the Cowboys blow their opener in the house that Jerry Jones' Ego built. When they get around to building an LA stadium, hopefully it won't be a grandiose monstrosity like that thing in Texas. Dallas still managed to almost win after four turnovers and a terrible game in general from Romo. The Giants never look very good to me, yet they keep on winning. Still going to pick against them most games.

Indianapolis 27 Miami 23 (D'oh)
That Peyton Manning kid (aka, "The Sheriff"), he ain't half bad. The Dolphins dominated the game, but they had trouble scoring TDs. Time of possession is usually a good indication of success in this league, yet Miami won that battle 45:07 to 14:53 and still lost. It was the first time since they kept track of that stat in the mid 70s that a team with less than 15 minutes of possession won a game. That's a record that may never be topped, so I guess that's something Miami can be proud of, or not.

So, I feel good about my 2-3 this week. I think my estimation of the relative quality of the Chargers, Cowboys and Dolphins compared to their opponents was accurate, they all just made too many mistakes, or suffered from questionable coaching decisions (in Miami's case). I could have easily been 5-0 this week instead of 2-3, and the same goes for My Nemesis Bill Simmons, in reverse (he managed an impressive 5-0, but he was wrong about those three teams where our picks differed, or at least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it).

Season Total: My picks 4-6, BS picks 9-1

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