14 August 2009

Your Daily Photo (I've Got Your f-stops Right Here, Buddy! Edition)


f/1.8 1/4000 sec exposure


f/8 1/500 sec exposure


f/22 1/80 sec exposure

Messing around with depth of field is fun.


Anwyn said...

Bad, bad, you're making me want that lens. A lot. For my D40. :)

Anwyn said...

I guess I will want in vain, though. That lens must be a hot ticket--nobody has it in stock. :P

XWL said...

Yeah, I walked into Samy's Camera on Sepulveda in Culver City, and I didn't expect them to have it in stock, or sell it for the MSRP, but they had it, and they sold it at the list price, so I was happy.

Online, the only sellers that claim to have it in stock are charging a $50-70 premium, so it is a hot item at the moment, and I think for good reason, it's a lot of bang for your buck.

Anwyn said...

If I could have gotten it locally at $229, which was what one of the Amazon retailers had it for this morning, I would have paid it, but I got the same answer at all the stores I called: Don't have it, don't know when it's coming in. That last part's kind of baffling. Seems Nikon lenses are kind of like Nintendo Wiis in that respect. Anyway, since I couldn't get it before I leave on a trip on Sunday if I bought online, no point in paying the higher price now--I'll have to be cagey to get the good price later, though, looks like.

Anwyn said...

... or maybe not. On a whim I called one of the same stores that told me they didn't have it yesterday, and whammo. It is now mine. Magic.