03 August 2009

Your Daily Photo (Hey, Look, It's a Picture I Snapped Today! Edition)


I actually took some pictures today, nothing special, just a few snaps while strolling up Montana Ave. Seeing if taking shots as jpgs would be good enough in quality. Seem fine, day was a bit overcast, and I was slightly out of focus on a few shots, but after a bit of tweaking the shots I've chosen to upload look OK.

Noticed a bunch of FOR LEASE signs on Montana Ave. I guess paying some of the highest rents in the nation to sell over-priced superflous goods and services may not be the best business model during a serious economic downturn.


Babalu is not one of those shops, it's a tasty restaurant with an eclectic menu (the desserts, especially, get rave reviews, which I've yet to sample, not a big dessert eater, personally).

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