11 August 2009

Your Daily Photo (First Day, New Lens Edition)


Yesterday was the first day with a new lens. Picked up the DX 'prime' lens Nikon put out recently. Having wider aperture settings available makes a difference, check out the shot illuminated solely by weak sodium street lights below


Do not attempt a similar shot unless you have steady hands, that's a 1/15th of a second exposure hand held, cause that's how I roll.


The last shot above is of Dolores Restaurant. I think it shows how having a shallow depth of field (the trade off when using a wider aperture) can be utilized in creating interesting compositions. The lights are from various neon signs they have in the windows, and I had to move around quite a bit to find just the right spot where each area was lit in a different hue.

Here's the rest of the flickr set. I walked three miles uphill to take these pics, the least you could do is watch a slideshow of them.

(OK, so it was more of a saunter, and while my end point was indeed higher in elevation than my beginning point, the grade was very shallow, but still, 3 miles, uphill, through the mean streets of West LA and deep into 'Little Osaka' after night fall)

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