15 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (With Those Moves, If Being an Official Doesn't Pan Out, There's Always Runway Modelling Edition)

That's right, she can be a tough, fair, and accurate official, and she can do a mean catwalk sashay at the same time. That woman has some talent.

Each ref squad had one woman, two dudes during the Summer League games I saw. Seems the NBA's making a major effort to expand their pool of female refs. Almost all the anti-ref heckling that I heard (which there was very little of) was directed at the female refs. I suppose the jerks in the stands are doing these officials a service by getting them used to ignoring that sort of stupidity early on in their careers. Most of the games were called fairly, one game I saw the crew called everything, and it made it unwatchable, but that had nothing to do with having a woman on the crew.

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