12 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (Vegas, and I'm Not the Only One Taking Snaps Edition)

The Palms pool, as seem from my room this afternoon.

(and before you complain about this no being in focus, it is through a window, and from the eighteenth floor)

Had an easy drive, and decided to catch part of the action at the NBA Summer League today as well since I got in early. It was fun, for the most part, Memphis beat OKC in a rout, but I liked the way the Thunder played, better. Livingston looked fluid on the floor, so he may really be back from that devastating knee injury, and for Memphis, Thabeet wasn't much of a defensive presence, even against lesser competition. Definitely didn't look like a #2 overall pick. Also, he's listed at 267 in the program, but my guess is he's 20-30 pounds lighter than that, he's going to get pushed around by the real centers (and even some forwards) in the NBA unless he finds a way to improve both his bulk and footwork (which is hard to do both, for bigs usually one comes at the expense of the other). Earlier, caught just the first half of New Orleans v San Antonio, but saw enough to know that George Hill is for real, and Darren Collison is NBA ready on offense, but defensively he needs work, which is surprising given that he was known for his defense at UCLA. Also, DeJuan Blair was a steal for San Antonio, how the hell did he slip to #37? Only saw the first half of the Cleveland v Milwaukee contest, would have stayed, but other than Brandon Jennings, nobody on the floor was that interesting, and it seemed as if the refs decided they should be the stars of that contest. No flow, the refs were calling everything, and if these Summer League games aren't run like the best pick-up games you've ever scene, then there's not really much reason to watch.

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