20 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (Men in Shorts Edition)

These men are doing the shorts thing the correct way, while engaged in athletic endeavor. Taken at the Spurs-Hornets Summer League game from Sunday July 12th.

Judging from the time stamp on the original of this photo, and the fact that Hill is ahead of the rest of the players on the court, I'm guessing this is his made layup with 1:22 left in the first quarter as mentioned in the play by play.

Cox Pavillion is bright enough for watching the game, but not bright enough for very fast exposures from above midcourt without a huge lens. The motion blur looks kind of artistic, so everything's cool. George Hill had an excellent summer league, and looks like he ought to be a solid bench player for San Antonio. The guy in the middle of the shot, Darren Collison, might see real minutes this season backing up Chris Paul for New Orleans. He showed some nice skills on the court, and a better offensive touch than he had for UCLA.

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