04 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (Long May She Wave Edition)

20090703_018 MtRubidoux

It's Independence Day. A day to commemorate a rebellious reaction against unreasonable tyranny.

I've uploaded the rest of the snaps taken while ascending Mt Rubidoux (it's more rock, than peak, and the ascent is paved, mostly, so not exactly tough going, but an ascent is an ascent).

20090703_018 ExpoPark

I also visited Exposition Park, so for all you hortporn enthusiasts there are a few shots that should please (taken at the semi-famous Rose Garden, there, which was no small feat on my part given that I find roses' odor overpowering, at times). If hortporn isn't your thing, maybe close-ups of an SR-71 are more your style?

20090703_037 ExpoPark

And I also snapped a few shots inside the Natural History Museum there,


very tempted to do an LOL style caption on these dinosaur bones, but I'll leave that for some other time.

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