25 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (It's a Bridge Dedicated to World Peace, But Not in Some Hippie Dippy Way Edition)

20090703_047 MtRubidoux

Day Three of nearly month old Mt Rubidoux pics, I absolutely, positively will point my camera at something tomorrow.

Also, while doing stuff on my computer, left the TV on KRCA Channel 62 here in the LA Market. It's part of the Estrella TV network owned by Liberman Broadcasting.

All I can say is, if a non-Mexican portrayed Mexicans the way they portray themselves on this network, they'd be accused of racism.

Did get a chuckle out of Don Cheto's "Are You Smarter Than a Gringo" game show segment (from the few moments I paid attention, seemed like half the questions were in English, half Spanish, and they had their 'gringo' dress up in Uncle Sam drag), however, I don't think Jimmy Kimmel would avoid controversy if he presented a similar, "Are You Dumber Than a Mojado", game show parody on his show (the Guillermo stuff verges on that territory already).

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