22 July 2009

Your Daily Photo (Bear Flag Republic Edition)

20090519_141 Union Station

I need to go somewhere and shoot stuff tomorrow. This shot taken awhile ago (May 19th to be exact) outside of Union Station (Flickr set here).

I don't remember reversing this shot, can't fathom a reason why the flag they were flying was printed in reverse and doesn't seem to be on both sides of the flag. Maybe they were saving money and using half of a flag on one pole, and the other half elsewhere. That would be pretty typical, hereabouts.

California, the half a flag state. (listeners of Adam Carolla might find themselves enjoying a knowing chuckle with that phrase).

(the phrase Adam actually uses I won't repeat, though in the context he uses it, is clearly not meant as anti-homosexual slur, just an insult to a certain kind of busy body)

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