09 June 2009

Your Daily Photo (With an Added Bonus Disturbing, and Disturbingly Sloppy Photoshop Job Edition)

DSC_0075 Stitch

A panorama stitch shot (using Windows Live Photo Gallery's stitching software) I snapped above (from an undisclosed rooftop parking lot in West Los Angeles this past Saturday), and a request for a Post-Impressionistic Obama pic below (as Althouse commands, I obey, though I suck at photoshop, so the results could have been better, but I'm unskilled, and lazy).

(I think I should get bonus points for the gender-bending, though)

UPDATE: Woohoo! A direct link from Althouse, always a good thing, and one more bad photoshop for the road, I feel bad for feminizing our President the way I did, so here's a more manly art historical poorly executed photoshop job of the President, his wife, and the reproduction of Michelangelo's David that can be found at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace.

1 comment:

Jason (the commenter) said...

I love the little Michelle head. Now someone needs to make this statue in real life.