23 June 2009

Your Daily Photo (Bro, a Bra on Your Prius? Edition)

20090623_003 Yahoo

Seriously Bro, may I call you Bro? No Bras on Priuses (or is that Prii?), no. Just, no. Turn to your left, gaze upon that classic Speedster next to you and see how clean, beautiful, simple lines need no other adornments. Not that your crappy Toyota hybrid actually has clean or classic lines, from a styling standpoint your douchy hybrid has pretty douchy lines. Hell, if fuel economy was really what you're after, then you'd have been much better off with Toyota's own Yaris. The difference between getting 46 combined mpg and getting 31 combined mpg may seem significant, but when you can get a 5 door Yaris for about $12,500 and a Prius goes for about $21,000 (not including a BRA, or your illegal in CA all window tinting), you'd have to drive a lot of miles to make up that $8,500 difference (at $3/gal to save $8,500 in your Prius compared to a Yaris in fuel economy, you'd have to drive 269,356 miles).

And Dude in the Speedster, may I call you Dude? Love the car, looks to be in immaculate shape, kudos on that, but a popped collar? Dude, no. Just, no.

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Ruth Anne Adams said...

Perhaps it's a training bra.