30 June 2009

Behavior Such as I Observed Might Lead One Such as Myself to Question Their Commitment to Public Safety...

So, today courtesy SCE we had 13 or so hours without power. An outage that was scheduled from after 9PM Monday night till 7AM Tuesday morning instead lasted from about 1:30AM till 2:30PM.

This outage took out two traffic lights, my street is a major north south route in the city, and one of the intersections out was a major east west intersection. Noticed police cars in the alleys or on one of the less major streets. Were these officers directing traffic so as to lessen the likelihood of fender benders? No, instead they were watching for rolling or missed stops and gridlock violations as the traffic backed up beyond where the lights were out.

One might jump to the conclusion that writing revenue generating tickets had priority over public safety.

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