28 May 2009

Are They Going to Get Matthew Perry For Their Commercials, Or Will They Go the Ghoulish Route and Create Mash-Ups Using Old Bing Crosby Clips?

Bing, from Microsoft, something new, something getting talked about at the moment, they're calling it a 'decision engine' rather than a 'search engine'.

Don't think Microsoft expects Bing to replace Google, but could augment their Live brand and make LiveSearch more attractive to advertisers. In Scoble's friendfeed I see mentioned that the name might be a recursive acronym (in this case, "Bing Is Not Google").

Don't know what they'll have to offer to get most people to break their Google habit, competition is almost always good, though, so might be worth checking out.

And count me in the use Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing (even though I hate Friends) over Zombie Bing Crosby if they go the celebrity route for ads. Stuff like that Audrey Hepburn Gap campaign really piss me off.

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