09 January 2009

More Contemptible Words From the Most Contemptible Ex-President in History . . .

I suppose I should be incapable of being surprised by anything our 39th President does or says in his years since being resoundingly rejected by voters back in 1980.

But, as pointed out by Prof. Bainbridge, that execrable excuse of a human being slime-eating slug, finds a new low with astounding ease. The Washington Post should never have given space for this ridiculous Op-Ed. Shame on them. Shame on all the current critics of Israel. Israel isn't perfect, but the enemy they are fighting is out and out evil, and to pretend that's not the case, is also evil.

Hamas are terrorists, that the people of Gaza chose these nihilistic nutjobs to run things, and have not acted to slit the throats of these jerks at every and any opportunity just means that they have earned every bomb and every shell that is dropped their way. They must revolt against their revolting leaders, or they will continue to suffer. Israel is not the source of Palestinian misery, they are just the agents by which just punishment is being meted out. The source of Palestinian misery is their embrace and veneration of victimhood, their twisted genocidal dreams against their neighbor, and their criminally incompetent government. Israel is their scapegoat, Israel can be a great partner in all things for Palestinians, even after all the bloodletting on both sides, but that can't happen until the Palestinians grow the fuck up.

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Deb said...

I can't begin to express my contempt for that man. I'm a native Georgian. The Dixie Chicks have nothing on me. My embarrassement that this fool keeps spouting off about Israel from his little rat hole in Plains makes me ill.