18 October 2008

The Results, Week 06, Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Hmmm, 3-2 isn't terrible, I'll take it. Did better on the seasonal picks with a surprising 10-4.

Woohoo!!! Oakland 3 New Orleans 34 my pick New Orleans -6.5
So, either New Orleans' (3-3) defense finally showed up, or Oakland's (1-4) offense is truly awful. Also, Drew Brees is on a record setting pace for yards in a season, but doesn't seem like he can keep this up over the next 10 games. New Orleans looks like a team that might make the NFC Finals again, but plenty of teams have looked good against Oakland, so judgement remains reserved. Oakland, less said the better, can we keep them off L.A. air for the rest of the season, please?

D'oh!! Chicago 20 Atlanta 22 my pick Chicago -3.0
Atlanta (4-2) might be good? Chicago (3-3), mediocre at best, they still have a strong defense, but they aren't scary right now, and their offense is crappy. Devin Hester has turned himself into a decent receiver, so there's a bright spot for them, anyway. And Matt Ryan is playing a lot better than any rookie QB has any right to even dream of playing. Hard to imagine this team keeps this up, but stranger things have happened (and this has been a strange season so far).

Woohoo!!! Dallas 24 Arizona 30 my pick Arizona +4.5
That was a fun game to watch, anyway. Dallas (4-2) might not be so good. Arizona (4-2) look to be a shoe in to win their craptacular division. Arizona is a sexy team right now, a good enough defense, and a ridiculous array of weapons on offense. Dallas is in disarray at the moment, and Romo's damaged pinkie won't help.

Woohoo!!! New England 10 San Diego 30 my pick San Diego -4.5
San Diego (3-3) dismantled New England (3-2). San Diego is going to have a tough go over the next 8 days, tomorrow they play in Buffalo (who aren't half bad), and then have to travel to London to face New Orleans (yeah, doesn't make much sense to me, either). New England has the look of a team in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in a long while. Their defense is slow, and their QB sucks. There's no way they can be consistent as long as Brady is out. But I don't want to hear any complaining coming out of the yaps of New Englanders, Boston still has the Sox and the Celts, so that should be enough for any city, but unless they reload on defense and lose the aging LB corps, they'll have trouble even with Brady back next season.

D'oh!! NY Giants 14 Cleveland 35 my pick NY Giants -7.5
The real NY Giants (4-1) finally showed up. I knew they suck, just took them a few weeks to discover it themselves. Cleveland (2-3) might have salvaged their season with this victory, depends if the Derek Anderson who played on Monday continues to show up (and Braylon Edwards continues to hold onto his passses).

So that was the week that was, could get interesting in the next few weeks as some teams falter (Dallas, NY Giants, and others rise, New Orleans, Atlanta).

Totals so far...

Seasonal 50-38

Weekly 17-13

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