01 October 2008

Lakers Chat, Part Infinity, Insanely Optimistic BLOGTOBER Edition

Is it NBA time already? Almost, the Lakers play two exhibition games this week, and are in day 2 of training camp. Bynum claims to feel fine, a lot rests on his repaired knee and Kobe's torn pinkie ligament.

They should be better than last year, but even being better than the runners-up might not be enough to get them back to the Finals cause other teams in the Western Conference have also improved.

John Hollinger at ESPN isn't sold on them, but he does think they are the 2nd best team in the West (to Utah). I think they should come out strong, they only have 4 games away from Staples in their first 15, so a fast start is expected, and is a must. Wouldn't be surprised to see them make it to 15-0 by the end of November, and who knows, 30-0 through December 31st isn't outside the realm of possibility for this team if everything clicks in place (18-12 is just as possible if they get injuries, or just don't figure out how to handle their new line-ups).

So, I'm going to err on the side of optimism and say that this Lakers team won't lose a game in 2008, and will have an NBA record season starting 30 game win streak (obliterating the old 15-0 mark shared by 48-49 Washington Capitols and the 93-94 Houston Rockets) going into their Jan 2nd match-up against Utah at Staples (where they will sadly, suffer their first defeat, missing out on the all time best 33 win streak mark set by the 71-72 Lakers, but they'll rebound to set a 40-1 mark in their first 41 games to break the half season record shared by those same Lakers and the Jackson coached 95-96 Chicago Bulls).

That's a prediction you can take to the bank, and I'll back that prediction with the same level of certainty and same kind of guarantee that the federal government did with Fannie and Freddie.

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