01 October 2008

I Feel Inadequate (BLOGTOBER 2008 Edition)

This is my eighth post today, woohoo!!
That's what I call a BLOGTOBER BLOGBURST!!!
Except, when I look at Instapundit's output for the same day, I see that he was on his 8th post by 8:06AM, that was well before I even got up this morning.

The bastard, making me look bad, every day is a day during BLOGTOBER for Prof. Glenn Reynolds. Frankly, I think he's an addict, he needs counseling, good thing his wife is a shrink.

To be fair to me, I'm pretty sure even with his dozens of post today, I'm confident I have him beat on non-quoted word count (though he has two wordy for him posts, one on Gwen Ifills, and a related one on media bias)

(and I know his wife isn't actually a 'shrink' aka psychiatrist, she's a forensic psychologist, but if I acknowledged that, the joke wouldn't work, and it's always better to sacrifice accuracy in the service of a joke than sacrifice the joke)

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