03 September 2008

Season Preview, An Entire Season's Worth of NFL Related Humiliation, Part 1 --- NFC East

(Teams listed alphabetically)

Dallas Cowboys O/U 11 wins, my total 13
They should be pretty good this year, how good? Howabout 13-3 good (8-0 at home 5-3 on the road), that's how good, home field throughout the NFC playoffs, and a Superbowl appearance.

Week 01 @Cleveland W (1-0)
Week 02 Philadephia W (2-0)
Week 03 @Green Bay W (3-0)
Week 04 Washington W (4-0)
Week 05 Cincinnati W (5-0)
Week 06 @Arizona L (5-1)
Week 07 @St.Louis W(6-1)
Week 08 Tampa Bay W (7-1)
Week 09 @NY Giants W (8-1)
Week 10 BYE
Week 11 @Washington L (8-2)
Week 12 San Francisco W (9-2)
Week 13 Seattle W (10-2)
Week 14 @Pittsburgh W (11-2)
Week 15 NY Giants W (12-2)
Week 16 Baltimore W (13-2)
Week 17 @Philadelphia L (13-3)

NY Giants O/U 9 wins, my total 3
They sucked last year, most of the time, their entire season should have fallen apart in that game in DC, but they turned things around in that game, and the entire rest of the season, they won't be so lucky in 08. It's going to be an abyssmal year, from Superbowl Champs to 3-13 and last place in the NFC East, with a perfect 0-6 record against division opponents. All those Eli & Peyton ads that are running this season will be Peyton only ads again next year.

Week 01 Washington L (0-1)
Week 02 @St.Louis W (1-1)
Week 03 Cincinnati L (1-2)
Week 04 BYE
Week 05 Seattle L (1-3)
Week 06 Cleveland L (1-4)
Week 07 San Francisco W (2-4)
Week 08 @Pittsburgh L (2-5)
Week 09 Dallas L (2-6)
Week 10 @Philadelphia L (2-7)
Week 11 Baltimore W (3-7)
Week 12 @Arizona L (3-8)
Week 13 @Washington L (3-9)
Week 14 Philadephia L (3-10)
Week 15 @Dallas L (3-11)
Week 16 Carolina L (3-12)
Week 17 @Minnesota L (3-13)

Philadephia Eagles O/U 8.5 wins, my total 10
It's gonna be a good season for the Iggles. McNabb will be solid, and their defense is always stellar. Too bad Dallas and Washington will be just a bit better, solid year, and at 10-6 they ought to be the other wildcard (along with Washington) in the NFC. UPDATE: Scratch the playoff talk, Tampa's going to edge them out for the last wildcard, hadn't completed the entire division before this write-up, didn't think another non-division winner would be better than 10-6, but I think the NFC South will be pretty strong this year.

Week 01 St.Louis W (1-0)
Week 02 @Dallas L (1-1)
Week 03 Pittsburgh L (1-2)
Week 04 @Chicago W (2-2)
Week 05 Washington W (3-2)
Week 06 @San Francisco W (4-2)
Week 07 BYE
Week 08 Atlanta W (5-2)
Week 09 @Seattle L (5-3)
Week 10 NY Giants W (6-3)
Week 11 @Cincinnati L (6-4)
Week 12 @Baltimore W (7-4)
Week 13 Arizona L (7-5)
Week 14 @NY Giants W (8-5)
Week 15 Cleveland W (9-5)
Week 16 @Washington L (9-6)
Week 17 Dallas W (10-6)

Washington O/U 8 wins, my total 11
They should make the playoffs again this year, again as a wildcard, though. Jason Campbell should make the leap to one of the top six QBs in the league, and their defense will be stingy. 11-5 and one of the wildcard spots while rolling into the playoffs on an 8 game win streak.

Week 01 @NY Giants W (1-0)
Week 02 New Orleans L (1-1)
Week 03 Arizona W (2-1)
Week 04 @Dallas L (2-2)
Week 05 @Philadelphia L (2-3)
Week 06 St.Louis W (3-3)
Week 07 Cleveland L (3-4)
Week 08 @Detroit L (3-5)
Week 09 Pittsburgh W (4-5)
Week 10 BYE
Week 11 Dallas W (5-5)
Week 12 @Seattle W (6-5)
Week 13 NY Giants W (7-5)
Week 14 @Baltimore W (8-5)
Week 15 @Cincinnati W (9-5)
Week 16 Philadelphia W (10-5)
Week 17 @San Francisco W (11-5)

So that's the NFC East, they'll account for 3 2 of the 6 NFC Playoff teams, along with the top seed, the only crap team in the division, those Superbowl Champion NY Giants.

UPDATE: Just realized I could give this a betting spin, I'm going to compare my win total for each team with the current over and under line on season win totals as listed at VegasInsider.com in their FutureBook Odds. That number isn't meant to be an exact prediction of each team's performance, just a number they put up where they can expect about an even amount of money to be bet on either side of the line. It's as close as you'll get to anyone else making a pre-season prediction on each team's win totals though, so for my purposes it's a good number to reference.

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