20 September 2008

The Results, Week 02, Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

I'm still distracted by other things, but I've nearly reached the Galactic Core, I've no hope of defeating the Grox, though, need to build a bigger empire on their fringe and then attack with lots of planet busters (that's Spore, talk, by the way, I haven't gone nuts).

Probably a good thing I didn't type up a results post right away, might have written some things that would have been mighty unpleasant. On the plus side, I was a surprisingly solid 9-6 with my Seasonal picks in Week 02, I've changed all the effected schedules due to Hurricane Ike postponing Baltimore at Houston, but I kept all the picks for the shuffled around games the same. My weekly total was a less than good 2-3, two of those I got wrong included getting Kiffin'd (who knew the Raiders would show up and play for their kid-coach?) and getting Hochuli'd (I predict, 'getting Hochuli'd will enter the vernacular presently).

D'oh!!! Oakland 23 Kansas City 8, my pick Kansas City -3.5

The Raiders (1-1) might win a few this season, Kansas City (0-2) is really bad, really really bad. Good thing I slept till noon last Sunday. Didn't see it, don't think I missed anything.

Woohoo!! NY Giants 41 St. Louis 13, my pick -8.5

The Giants (2-0) are going to have to be really terrible the rest of the season to finish 3-13 like I predicted. I still say they look like a 6-10 team, beating a listless Redskins and an awful Rams (0-2) team don't make them favorites to repeat as Superbowl Champs, yet. The less said about the Rams the better, hopefully they won't darken the airwaves in Los Angeles again in 2008.

D'oh!!! San Diego 38 Denver 39, my pick San Diego Even

This game I watched. It was the talk of all the sports chat shows. Lost in all the crap about the call was that San Diego (0-2) blew it before they got screwed. Denver (2-0) are off to a good start, surprisingly, San Diego would be 2-0 if games lasted 59 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

Woohoo!! Pittsburgh 10 Cleveland 6, my pick Cleveland +6.0

If defense wins championships, then Pittsburgh (2-0) might be in the mix this year. They play awfully well without the ball, and do just enough with the ball to hold on to a lead. Cleveland (0-2) weren't given any favors by the schedule makers starting the season in Dallas and then hosting Pittsburgh in week 2. If they don't put a couple of Ws on the board the next two weeks against the Ravens and the Bengals, then their season is about done.

D'oh!!! Philadelphia 37 Dallas 41, my pick Dallas -7.0

Now that was a game. 30-24 at the half with both teams trading big plays on Offense. Dallas (2-0) looks like the best team in the NFC, and Philadephia (1-1) might be number 2. Dallas should have covered the spread, but their turnovers cost them points. Fun to watch though, anad that's what really counts, screw the picks.

There are a bunch of teams with playoff aspirations that have started 0-2 (Minnesota, Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville, San Diego), they better win this week, or else they've got trouble. The only really surprising 2-0 team is Buffalo, and given that they host the Raiders, and travel to St. Louis in the next two weeks, they ought to be able to get to 4-0. The season really doesn't get going until about week 6, though, by then trends start to emerge, right now it's hard to know which victories were bad teams beating worse teams and which losses were good teams getting beaten by better teams.

Totals so far . . .

Seasonal 17-14

Weekly 6-4

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