14 September 2008

I'm Sorry That the Idiot Photographer We Hired Didn't Have Sense Enough to Keep Her Mouth Shut . . .

The Atlantic is shocked, SHOCKED, that the photographer they hired to shoot the cover for their McCain non-hit piece may not have played fair.

Jeffrey Goldberg plays it mostly straight with his article, though there are plenty of quotes in there that could be misconstrued and made to push the notion that McCain is trying to refight the Vietnam War in Iraq, but if you read the article without bias, I think an objective take on McCain that comes from the article is that McCain understands the costs of lying to the American public, of withdrawing prematurely from our commitments, and that with his opponent's vociferous demands for precipitous withdrawal from Iraq before the surge even happened, Obama demonstrated either naivete, lack of judgement, or outright didn't care if Iraq had turned into a massive defeat for the United States and its interests around the world.

The article changes tone towards the end and injects much more of Goldberg's interpretation of McCain, rather than letting McCain speak for himself with regards to his support of America's right to preclude the possibility that a nation-state sympathetic to terrorists groups would develop and transfer WMD to be used against us or our allies.

But, Goldberg showed Obama level naivete if he really expected The Atlantic to play it completely fairly when they got around the cover shoot.

(and as far as the McCain camp being 'duped' into their candidate being portrayed unflatteringly, this little issue is going to do wonders for McCain's poll numbers, so this was nothing but a gift for the GOP, thank you Jill Greenberg!)

(and really, Atlantic Magazine, how can you plead innocence in this case when the photographer you hired titles her studio's webpage MANIPULATOR.COM?)

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