13 August 2008

Why Not With the Random Music Thing . . .

1) Bobby Darin, More
It's Darin-tastic! On a scale from A to Banana, I give it an apple.

2) Mocean Worker, Collection II
It's electronica, it's ambient, it slices, it dices! On a scale from Ron Popeil to Dan Akroyd as a Faux Ron Popeil, I give it a That British Dude in a Sweater Who Does All Those Infomercials

3) Leroy Holmes, Odd Job Man/I Wanna Be a James Bond Girl
It's peppy, it's brassy, it's cheesy, it's got sassy saxes, it's got xylophone action!. On a Bad, Bad Leroy Brown scale from Junkyard Dog to Ol' King Kong, I give it an Adolescent King Kong

4) Chris Isaak, I Believe
I've forgotten how much I like his stuff, glad I downloaded this recently. On a scale of Orbisonosity, I'd give this an eight out of eleven (the Roy Orbison scale goes up to eleven).

5) Feist, The Reminder
This album got overexposed, but that doesn't mean it's bad, I forgive her, her iPod trespasses. On a scale of Lady Canuck Singer/Songwriters with Avril Lavigne being the bottom of the scale and Joni Mitchell being the top, I'd give this a Feist

(. . . this isn't done yet, but stuff to do, will finish this later)

Update: Is it later, already?

6) The Specials, Why?(Edit)
Ahhh, yeah, this is the stuff. On a two tone scale from black to white (or is that white to black?), I give this a Jah Rastafari, I and I Mon.

7) Saint Etienne, Kiss and Make Up
Memories, dusty water-colored memories. On a scale of the warm and the fuzzy, I give this a Pink Angora Sweater.

8) Me'Shell NdegeOcello, Love Song, No.1
Damn, she's good, I'm pretty sure she was high when she wrote it, and recorded it, though. On a wacky-tabacky scale from skunkweed to pineapple express, I give this a full God's Vagina (it helps to have seen the movie, or the redband trailer to understand the rating)

9) Marvin Gaye, What's Happening Brother (Detroit Mix)
Have I mentioned how dumb most of these 'socially conscience' songs of the late 60s and early 70s were? This one is right up there with the best/worst (as opposed to What's Going On, which is actually just a damn fine song). On a scale of Sammy Davis, Jr. singing In the Ghetto to Elvis Presley singing In the Ghetto, I give this a Jack Jones singing In the Ghetto

10) Feist, The Park
What's up with two songs from the same album on a random 13 songs list chosen out of a 7000+ song collection? I guess the seeming lack of randomness is actually proof of true randomness. Oh, yeah, a scale, on the Sominex scale of sleepiness, I give this song a full Vicodin mixed with Vodka (which, of course, you should never, never, do, that stuff will kill you).

11) Altered Images, Don't Talk to Me About Love
Ahhh, Clare Grogan, at the point where she was trying to transition from cute to sexy (which only made it all the cuter). On a Kawaiiiiii scale of A Mildly Amusing LOLCat posted at ICANHASCHEEZBURGER.COM and Hello Kitty, I give this a solid Oyama no Monkichi!!!

12) Khaled, Sbabi
One of his best songs, off a great album. Khaled kicks ass. On a scale of songs to bellydance to, from one to eleven, this gets a ten (yes, the songs to bellydance to scale, also goes to eleven)

13) Q 65, Cry in the Night
A dutch-based garage band from back in the day, not bad at all. On a scale of bands you wouldn't expect to have a Myspace page, Q 65 get a full WTF!?

This concludes your random 13 for the 13th day of August. I stole the idea of doing a song list from Bill at So Quoted, the Dadaist ratings scales are all my own innovation, however.


bill said...

Best ratings scale ever. It's totally Ikea with a can of lingonberries.

XWL said...

Thinking 'outside of the box' is for pikers, there is no box.

(or spoon)

(or pikers)

(or outside)

bill said...

Used to troll for pike with my dad in Michigan. Pretty feisty fish.