29 July 2008

You Post a Link to One Little Story With a Prostitution Angle, Then All the Suddden It Becomes HOOKER TUESDAY!!!

DRUDGE has this headline up just a moment ago, "Pregnant prostitute ring busted in Missouri . . ."

So many questions this stories raises that aren't addressed by the tiny article linked.

How big is the market for this? Do they charge extra the further along they are? They couldn't go with the headline, 'Barefoot and Turning Tricks'? How many of their 'clients' sought these women out on purpose, and how many just figured, 'what's the difference'? Will they express for an extra fee? Are you grossed out by now? But aren't women who are pregnant supposed to be at their sexiest? How much longer can I keep up with this question asking gag?

(not any longer, sorry, the idea of visiting a prostitute has no appeal to me whatsoever, though I think the social costs from forcing underground outweigh the potential social costs for making the activity legal, so while I find it personally abhorrent (more from the 'john's' perspective rather than the prostitute) I think people should have a right to engage in a short term contractual relationship that has a 'happy ending' if that's what someone is in the market for and can come to an agreeable price, and no forms of coercion have been used in any steps in the negotiation process)

(also, I think there's a "Show Me State" pun somewhere in this story, but I'm having trouble figuring out the precise hook to make that work, again, I've failed as a blogger, I guess prostitution does that to me, maybe I should avoid the subject)

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