14 July 2008

A List of Things I'm Not Blogging About Today . . .

1. Obama's (Salty Chocolate) Balls (Althouse)
2. LAT Hypocrisy (Ed Driscoll)
3. Miley Cyrus' (Prematurely and Unfortunately Leaked) Budding Sexuality (Defamer)
4. Near Death Experiences (all of mine have happened in the Mojave) (Samizdata.net)
5. Really Ugly Women in Tights (So Quoted)
6. What Jesse (Purportedly) Really Said (Undercover Black Man)
7. KTLA "Reporter" Getting P0WNed!!! By Sad and Sorry Apple Geeks (Boing Boing)
8. Dumb (and Soon Costly for the Cop) Arrests (Instapundit)

That's enough of what I'm not blogging about today, there's probably plenty of other subjects beyond these I could blog about today, but be assured that you will not see a post covering the above topics at this blog for the remaining 24 hours, that's my promise to you.

(and no jokers better point out the inconsistencies inherent in that statement given that this post amounts to 'blogging', so all the subjects I've promised to not blog about have obviously been blogged about)

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