01 July 2008

If It's Not Scottish It's . . .

Andy Murray, proud Scot Tennis pro has advanced to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. The Brits are going crazy (as evidenced by the linked Daily Mail story).

He's just a roadbump in the eventual Federer-Nadal final, though. Nadal isn't losing a set. Grass isn't his best surface, but he'll do fine against Murray.

Still not watching it, since they've improved the racket technology, Men's Tennis is unwatchable. It's all serves, aces, and poorly returned balls that lead to easy winners. Rallies are a thing of the long forgotten past, and even though Federer has been dominant on all surfaces other than clay (with Nadal killing all on that surface), it's been the boring kind of dominance, rather than the exciting Tiger Woods sort of dominance.

I remember watching Becker, and Borg, and McEnroe, way, way back when during the Wimbledon 'fortnight', but now, it just doesn't matter.

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