01 July 2008

I Thought Crossroads Was a Good School?

Crossroad's most famous sports alum, Baron Davis, will reportedly sign a 5 year, $65M contract on July 9th.

Dude, what are you thinking?

Presumably, Magette will go elsewhere, and they'll re-sign Brand, giving them a starting five with Brand, Thorton and Kaman up front, and Davis with who knows who else in the backcourt. Great frontline, and Davis might be able to anchor a solid backcourt, but then again, these are the Clippers, so who knows what will happen.

They might put together a good season, but with New Orleans, LA Lakers, and Utah looking like locks for 3 of the top 4 seeds, you still have a solid San Antonio team, talented Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Denver squads (though they seem to be in disarray), and a potentially scarily good Portland team. That's already nine teams fighting for eight playoff spots, don't see how the Clippers or Golden State can muscle any of those teams out of the top eight.

And yes, I can already say with a large degree of confidence that Minnesota, Seattle/OKC, Memphis, and Sacramento won't be within shouting distance of a playoff berth.

The Clips are better than the bottom teams in the Western Conference (if everyone is healthy), but unless one of the top eight teams blows up with injuries and dissension, it's going to be hard to make the playoffs.

(but if they were in the Eastern Conference, they'd be a 5 or 6 seed, easily).

UPDATE: J.A. Adande (also a Crossroads alum) defends his buddy's decision to come to the other LA team. Adande remembered that Mobley is still on the team, I guess that's why he's a paid journalist, and I'm just a guy with a keyboard. Some other team might take a chance on Shaun Livingston's reconstructed knee and get a fantastic player, and bargain in the deal. He'd probably look pretty good in a Cavaliers uniform . . .

Now the Clips will have not one, but two Hollywood producers on the team. Just wait, sometime in February there'll be a locker room brawl over accusations of bad faith bidding up on the asking price on the next Diablo Cody project between Brand and Davis . . .

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