04 July 2008

I Guess They're Still a Bit Bitter About That Little Declaration of Ours From 232 Years Ago . . .

What other explanation for this. On BBC2 this Sunday's episode of The Conspiracy Files, 9/11 - The Third Tower (imagine hearing one of those, dun, dun dun musical stings like in the Dramatic Chipmunk clip as you finish intoning the last syllable of Tower).

How stupid do they think the British public is, that they'd watch this crap?

How messed up is it that folks there have to pay a license fee to fund programming like that?

Seeing that one of the editors over at the Beeb is pushing this stuff made me pull a Dramatic Lemur face, no lie.

Also, I don't know what you're doing for Independence Day, but besides punching the first Brit I see (OK, maybe not, we take assault here seriously, unlike back in England), I'm going to watch me some Team America: World Police.


bill said...

Dang it! You're a day late, as I could've punched a Brit in the face last night at dinner. Though we did make fun of her because she can never find anything in the grocery store with the way she butchers the American language.

reader_iam said...


BBC then.