13 June 2008

There Are Worse Things for A Judge to Look At . . .

Man Vs. Donkey - More amazing videos are a click away

Than the above video of an amorous donkey (hat tip to Patterico for digging it up) being teased by a gentleman with his butt cheeks showing. Judge Kozinski fell into some controversy after the LAT 'exposed' his 'explicit' 'porn' 'collection' (sorry for all the 'quotes' but the LATs 'news' 'article' really deserves to be framed in a series of quotes that suggest the phrase 'so called', and I'm not linking to that disgusting smear job, it's far more 'obscene' than anything dug up on Kozinski's server). Kozinski has since recused himself from the obscenity trial he was presiding over (which now is a mistrial), seems an overreaction, but probably prudent, and I still say that Judge Kozinski should be Pres. McCain's second Supreme Court nominee (after he gets Janice Rogers Brown on the bench).

This photo above in the office of Ohio State Court Judge James Burge seems much more offensive than any of the stuff reported to have been on a semi-private webpage hosted by a computer privately owned and operated by Judge Kozinski. Orin Kerr points this out, and says what needs to be said (hat tip Instapundit).

All I have to add, is besides the appallingly naked display of partisanship from a presumptively non-partisan official (or if they are elected as partisans in Ohio, at the very least fair-minded and able to interpret the law without applying a political filter), besides adoring a mass-mudering sociopath, Judge Burge really ought to pay attention to some simple rules of interior design. When hanging pictures that feature portraiture, if the portraits are facing different directions, it's generally best to have the portraits to appear to be 'looking' at each other. That way, The Obama and The Che can gaze longingly at each other and despite being separated by time and space can together imagine the perfectibility of society under one glorious and uncorrupted ideology of unity and peace (once all the bad folks are dealt with, anyway).

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