05 June 2008

Defecting Democrats AND Defecating Democrats . . .

From Instapundit . . .
DEFECTING DEMOCRATS? "TN Dems Chair's Dad Might Vote McCain -- Lifelong Democrat and former US Sen. Jim Sasser says he might consider voting for John McCain if FedEx CEO Fred Smith was given a place on the Cabinet. . . . What makes this particularly interesting is Sasser is the father of TN Democratic Party Chair Gray Sasser, who endorsed Barack Obama yesterday." Hmm. I'd be surprised if this happened, but who knows?

UPDATE: Michael Silence is skeptical.

From Michelle Malkin . . .
"Beware the Brown Note"

(amazing what a difference a single little letter can make in meaning)

(I should forget to link to this bit of YouTube-age of Electric Company footage just so that someone else could do so in the comments, but not this time)

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