02 June 2008

Blog Announcements . . .

First, noticed the new ads? Hate 'em? Like 'em? Indifferent?

2nd cleaning up a few links, Kareem's isn't really blogging anymore, it's just a site to shill his audiobook, so he's gone, deleted my Unhinged Rants link cause I haven't been posting to that site, added Sundries back in since she IS blogging again, and fixed Tim Blair to point directly to his new home. Also, added my 'Zune Card' which links to my Zune profile and shows what I've listened to recently.

Also, after watching the above "Sunday Conversation" with Kobe last night, I've decided that just like Kobe, I'm going to endeavor to, 'Instill my DNA in my readers'.

(and like Kobe, I find it pretty easy to walk the streets of L.A.)

(and you are getting my DNA whether you want it or not, guess I should put a biohazard warning on this blog)

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