26 June 2008

3 x 13

So today I turn 3x13. Why should 'milestone' birthdays only accrue by the decade or quarter century? I guess in Asian cultures that follow Chinese Astrology, every 12th year would be considered a milestone (it's when your birth animal comes around again). But what about celebrating milestones every baker's dozen years? 13 is a very transitional time, as is 26, and 39 is the last year you don't have to put a 4 in front of your age, so that is a milestone in of itself.

Had a moment this week where I felt all 2028 weeks I've been around, while drumming in Rock Band my right knee started throbbing. That made me feel pretty old, couldn't even play a stupid video game without my knee acting up on me. Guess it's time to start using my left leg instead, that'll take a little practice, but should be doable (my right knee has been problematic ever since I broke my right tibia near the ankle back in '94).

So in honor of the beginning of my next 13 year segment, I'm going to blog a few lists, first up is one post on the films I enjoyed from 1969, 1982, and 1995. After that three separate posts (alot more links and effort went into the albums post) on the albums of those same years that strike me as being significant. After that, I'll think of something else, but you'll just have to tune in later in the day to find out what other lists of 13 things from '69, '82, and '95 that I can come up with.


reader_iam said...

Hey, XWL, happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XWL said...

Thank you.