08 February 2008

Westside Business of the Week (Major League Trim)

Driving around my side of town, I pass stuff that looks ineteresting, but I don't always know too much about. There are a surprising number of local businesses hereabouts, Santa Monica in particular, and the Westside in general is pretty hostile to chains, so a lot of businesses around here are unique to the area.

Some are more unique than others. I've passed by this place hundreds of times, noticed their sign, and never really thought much more about it. But after visiting the website of Major League Trim, I guess I have to say admire their commitment to their concept.

It's a barbershop, that features a sports theme mixed with a bevy of large breasted stylist, hence the name of the place that combines sports and vulgar language about women. It's the kind of place that is a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen, but somehow they've avoided a lawsuit for the past few years. I'm sure all the stylists there are great at what they do.

My favorite bit from the website isn't the photos of the stylist, there are plenty shots of comely buxom women on the internet, that's pretty much 21.73% of all photos on teh internets, nope, my favorite bit from their site is the following special:

Son day Sundays: Sundays at MLT are meant for you and the kids. While you relax with a cut and massage, he’ll get the royal treatment for boys… complete with haircut, cartoons, a juice box and a toy for the road. Daughters are welcome too

The perfect activity for the weekend dad on his alternate weekend watching the kids. Why let a dreary quotidian task like getting the kiddies a haircut get in the way of an afternoon of ogling women? Combine the two, that's the ticket. Beats going to a place overrun with rugrats like Snip-its, I suppose.

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