08 February 2008

Reasons to Watch; Reasons Not to Watch, The Grammys Edition

The Grammys are Sunday, I'll be downtown at the same time they're on doing something else, maybe I'll even have pictures for you. I won't be recording the Grammys to watch later, though.

But there are reasons to watch the Grammys.

Reason 01) The Time are reuniting and performing!!! (ummm, were they ever really un-united?)
Reason 02) Sorry, that's the only reason.

Reasons not to watch the Grammys.

Reason A) They're the Grammys, and they generally suck.
Reason B) The Time aren't playing alone, they're playing with Rihanna, which is bound to be an ill advised mish-mash of crappiness.
Reason C) Didn't you see Reason A?

1 comment:

bill said...

Reason D) can probably watch The Time performance on Youtube before leaving the house the next morning.