13 February 2008

"A different focus: although it has a sophisticated combat system, unlike other MMORPGs combat need not be a primary objective for players"

A new MMORPG (massively mulit-player online role playing game) is going to be coming to a computer near you fairly soon. It will be free to play, and most importantly, this game, with its "sophisticated combat system", why it's HELLO KITTY ONLINE, of course.


For those that choose to make the combat system their primary objective, I can imagine the conversation now, "yeah, I just levelled my character and I can't decide if I want to follow the experience tree that yields the candy cane rocket launcher for long distance sniping, or the flowery burst of cuteness ability for some serious area of effect crowd control action"


How could I have forgotten my past Hello Kitty post, they really need to include a digital version of the HK AR-15 in the game.

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