11 February 2008

'...and they are so open-minded it never crosses their minds why we wouldn't want to elect a Republican'

Here's the real 'quote' (and a put "quote" in single quotes, cause the 'quote' is from one of those "a reader writes" posts from Andrew Sullivan)

The Swedes here only ask me one question, "Who will be the next President, Hillary or Obama?" They never ask about the Republicans, and they are so open-minded here it never crosses their minds why we wouldn't want to elect either one for any reason. They see no reason a black man or a woman shouldn't be elected. Some want Hillary because they think the U.S. should be led by a woman, but mostly they have no preference. Also, they don't understand why people dislike Hillary so much.

It's nonsense like this that it's hard to take Sullivan seriously.

This is stupid on many levels, Euro-weenie preening superiority, check, not so veiled accusation that all Americans are knuckle-dragging racists/sexists, double check, an utter inability to even conceive of the possibility that the Democratic front runners might fail for reasons related to policy rather than personal identity, big fat triple check.

I check back to his site from time to time, not for an opinion anymore, but for laughs, and it usually doesn't take too many posts to find something snort worthy.

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