01 February 2008

"and retention is even tougher"

Truer words never spoken, from Instapundit today, full quote plus some important context here:

Good suicide-bombers are hard to find, and retention is even tougher. Meanwhile, Michael Yon emails from Iraq:
All well in South Baghdad, but sounds like the suicide bombings were pretty bad. I did not hear them detonate so must have been far away. It's the al Qaeda mode, though. Sounds like the women were mentally disabled.

And Austin Bay emails that this may be the start of the "Terrorist Tet" he's been predicting. As Bob Owens notes, some people here at home are all-too-eager to help. Just like last time.

It's not hard to believe that the last remaining living fossils of the MSM will do everything in their waning power to prop up the terrorists, backstab our military, and cheer for our defeat. Too bad for them folks are keeping track, tuning them out, and have other sources of information. Must suck to be them.

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