05 January 2008

Wii Stuff, Let's Talk Virtual Console

I'm a big fan of the VC. I like being able to download fairly inexpensive versions of classic games from the 8bit and 16bit era (and even the Nintendo 64 games, which while 64bit weren't really much more advanced than the 32bit PS2).

So far I've downloaded Super Mario 3, which I didn't pick up first time around, so it's new to me. It's a fun take on the original, with lots of twists, it's probably the apotheosis of Miyamoto designed side-scrolling action.

I've also downloaded Tecmo Bowl, cause it's Tecmo Bowl, and anyone who knows what that means know how important of a game that is (screw those fancy-schmancy people with their Tecmo Super Bowl). It's a shame that the tiny pixellated players and teams aren't identified by their real world names anymore, retired players aren't under the NFL license exclusive to EASports, but guess Tecmo and Nintendo didn't want to negotiate with all the individuals. But I know that when I play Denver, the QB is Elway, even if he's not identified in this version, and I know that if I play as Los Angeles (which is basically cheating in this game), their RB is utterly unstoppable, just look at these real world examples from back in the day. I was still a Raiders fan back then, it was pretty easy to be in those days.

The last downloaded game, I haven't tried yet, but it gets crazy good reviews and has topped more than one list of best games of all time, so I figured it was worth $10 to sample.

Now they just need to support external hard drives so that they can offer larger games for download. Sega is supporting Virtual Console games, and I'd love to see Dreamcast games available, but they're probably too big for the current flash based storage set up. Let me hook up a 250gb hard drive, and I'd be happy to download reasonably priced Dreamcast, Gamecube, more expansive new WiiWare content, and maybe some really accurate arcade ports from the golden era all the way up to the late 90s. I know you can do it Nintendo, make it happen already.

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