26 January 2008

What Person Born in Idaho Uses the Word, "Knickers"?

An article in the Telegraph about foreign women in Britain complaining about their disappointment with British men attributes the following to Jennifer Rohm of Idaho, America:
'British men are certainly witty and charming,' says Jennifer, now 39 and a cell biologist. 'In fact, I'd say they were witty and charming to the point where they're a bit in-your-face. But then you ask them out and they run a mile. Basically, they charm the pants off you but then they run away when they see your knickers.'

Maybe the use of the single quote is an admission by the author that she is paraphrasing Jennifer's actual words. I really can't imagine someone who has lived in the United States up to the age of 29 (presumably, it states in the article she's been in the UK ten years) ever using the word "knickers" even after living in the UK for the past decade. Unless their name is Madonna.

There are more passages like that where the writer mixes in personal observations along with statements from foreign women with single quotes and unlikely Britishisms to cross the lips of women not native to Albion.

But that's just my over developed sensitivity towards authorial shenanigans in cutesy life and style pieces, I guess.

The rest of the article is your usual life and style piece about nothing in particular drawing broad conclusions based on a handful of anecdotes.

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