13 January 2008

Well, in the NYT's Defense, "Iraqi Veterans Half as Violent as Their Statistical Cohort" Wouldn't Make Nearly as Sexy a Headline

(via Instapundit, via Abu Muqawama who envokes Rambo) Phil Carter eviscerates the NYT regarding their absurd 'All Vets are Soulless Killing Machines Just One Bad Beat Away From a Killing Spree' article.

There will be many people who see that article as the gospel truth, but their truth is purely 'faith based'. Let just an ounce of reality infect their thinking, and they'd see the lies before their eyes, but that would inconvenience their narrative, so the illusion will persist.

Hopefully, the internet helps prevent these false 'truths' from becoming the accepted truth, the way it was regarding Vietnam vets.

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