15 January 2008

T:TSCC Observations . . .

Didn't watch the second night of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles till tonight. Instapundit liked it, Alan Sepinwall was intrigued, but had problems (night 1 recap, night 2 recap).

Me, I give it a solid meh. Could be better but not awful. What really has me puzzled is John Connor's behavior. If my future self sent my 15 year old self a smoking hot looking, fully functional and anatomically correct (implied by the scene with her munching a chip) robot, I think I might have added a little seduction routine to the mix (not that my 15 year old self would have required a whole lot of seduction).

Also, it might just be me, but I got more sexual tension between Mom and Cameron (the killbot/potential sexbot), than between John and Cameron. For that matter, I got more sexual tension between Mom and John than I did between John and Cameron (ewwww). This isn't the first show with inappropriate sexual tension between actors playing mother and son, and it won't be the last. Part of it is they always cast moms too young and teenagers too old, so the perceived age difference is minimized, and it's hard for actors to play affection without it coming across as sexual. Same problem arises with many depictions of brother/sister relationships.

That all brings me to a little betting pool.

I'm giving odds on which of these 3 characters will be the first to make use of Cameron as a sexbot.

I'd say it's about 2:1 odds that John gets robosexual (see: Futurama) with Cameron within the first 2 seasons of the show. (possible problem with depicting a presumptively underaged character engaged in sexual relations, that happens less on network than it did in the past)

5:1 odds that Sarah gets robosexual with Cameron within the first 2 seasons of the show. (longer odds, may not want to open the whole robo- and homosexual can of worms in an action show)

12:1 odds that FBI guy and Cameron get robosexual within the first 2 seasons of the show. (somehow he manages to capture her, then you get a whole she uses her sexuality to make an escape angle working)

Most likely, there will be hints, and winks about some robosex, but they won't actually ever go there. Still, I'm pretty sure that my 15 year old self wouldn't have had any problems with a little robosexual action, if that makes me a pervert back when I was 15, then guilty as charged.

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