06 January 2008

The Petland on W. Charleston in Las Vegas Thought It Was a Strange Request . . .

. . . but nevertheless fulfilled the order for 2 corgi, 1 labrador, and 3 jack russell terrier puppies to the suite occupied by Prof. Reynolds.

Mmmmm, blended puppies.

(and yes, I'm jealous, I should be the one getting paid to gawk at electronics, type cryptic missives, and drink free booze in Vegas this week)

As far as CES 2008 coverage, I'm favoring Gizmodo's coverage, anyway.






(and had they known Prof. Reynolds' reputation with regards to puppies and blenders, they never would have sent the doggies over)


bill said...

There is a Petland on W. Charleston. I'm impressed.

XWL said...

That's because this is a true story.

(cue dramatic chipmunk)