23 January 2008

Oh No! Your Team Just Schottenheimered

Dallas and Green Bay definitely Schottenheimered this year. Will the Pats become the NY Giants third victim and become the all time greatest Schottenheimered team in sports history?

Here's an ESPN Page2 piece about 18 almost immortal teams. Great regular seasons followed by ignominious playoff defeats mark each of these teams. The teams are rated on a five Schottenheimer scale. Last year's Dallas Mavericks earned themselves a full 5 Schottenheimers for losing to Golden State in the first round. Ironically, last year's San Diego Chargers only earned 4 Schottenheimers when Schottenheimer coached them to a 14-2 regular season yet were soundly beaten by the New England Patriots in Divisional Playoffs.

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