10 January 2008

Music Review, Future First Lady of France Edition

After seeing the news about Pres. Sarkozy confirming his engagement to Carla Bruni, I also saw mention that she has an album out soon. Through the miracle of Rhapsody, thought I'd seek out her 2005 release, Quelqu'un M'a Dit, I have no idea what that means, but the album is pleasing.

She has a fine voice, the settings are lazy, country tinged folkpop, but the lyrics are completely in French, so I have no idea what she's singing about. Anything in French voiced huskily, lazily, by a woman with a youthful yet world-weary voice is bound to sound wistful. For all I know she's singing about kitties, rainbows, and fingernail polish, but some how I doubt that. It's a good album for the right mood.

Her next album comes out in the US on March 20th, and appears to be completely in English, with her recitations to music of a bunch of poems. Could be an interesting project. I don't think she's marrying the President of France as a publicity stunt, but the timing couldn't be better.

If he's smart, and somehow Sen. Clinton is elected, he'd best keep the next Mrs. Sarkozy await from the "First Gentleman", Bill and an ex-model can't lead to any good. Of course, I think many world leaders will be somewhat worried about Bill playing house with their wives while their respective spouses handle matters of state. For the sake of our standing in the world, and preventing possibly scandalous doings, probably best to keep Bill's wife out of the White House (or enlist Chelsea as the acting 'First Lady').

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