08 January 2008

Late Night Returning Shows: Comedy Central Edition

"A" Daily Show With Jon Stewart returned, wasn't that funny, he seemed a bit bitter, and maybe not entirely pleased with the WGA. Had on a labor relations prof from Cornell (aka Commie Studies), and they rambled on about the eeevils of 'the man'.

The Colbert Report was much better, he brought the funny. He doesn't need writers, though clearly his bits are prepared, the rules seem to be different for cable and network, so as long it's not a violation if he writes material for himself to perform. He was able to stay in his Colbert character, and had a lively interview with a rather annoying Andrew Sullivan.

Yeah SCABS!!!

This strike is lasting at least till April, that seems pretty clear now, nothing's going to happen until the SAG contract is about to expire.

Also, here's a strike related gallery of regrettable beards.

(which reminds me, I should really shave, people might mistake my lazy beard for a 'strike beard')

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