05 January 2008

Laker Chat III: The Boys II Men Edition

Are we seeing the boyish Lakers (3rd youngest roster in the league, and if you tossed out Derek Fisher, the youngest), finally turn into manish Lakers?

I think so, and since their fantastic performance came against the lowly Philly 76ers, seemed like a natural time for a Boys II Men reference.

The Lakers box score from Friday night was a thing of beauty, 10 players suited up, 10 players scored, no player played more than 30 minutes, no player played less than 10 minutes (even Coby Karl played 12 minutes and scored 4 points. Not only that, they scored 124 points while holding their opponent to 93, and no player scored more than 20 points, Javaris Crittenton, their seldom used rookie point guard was the high scoring Laker at 19. Coby Karl was the only player to shoot less than 50% from the field (1-3), and the team's field goal percentage was a remarkable 66.2% (largely thanks to lousy Philly defense).

Trouncing a lousy team at home normally isn't something to point at, but the Lakers of the past few years used to have let downs in these situations, and so far this year, these Lakers have been much better at stepping on the throats of bad teams and not letting them get back up. For a team to get to 50 to 55 wins, that's what they need to do consistently. Of course, they also need to play better when faced with an elite team like when they played Boston last Sunday. That game was a nightmare, and not just cause of the unfortunate short shorts experiment.

And cause you know you're probably humming this tune, here's the link to the video.

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