08 January 2008

The Joys of Government Mandated Health Coverage

A tale from Great Britain about a not so great aspect of socialized medicine.

You could say this is more about corporate greed, and eeevil corporate practices, but if hospital care were a free market, a shady company wouldn't be able to get away with shady practices without glomming on to the government's monopoly on health services (and hospitals that hired a firm like that would go out of business or contract with some other telcom business).

The author of the tale goes on to a whole littany of bad business practices, all of them being public sector(ish) and government subsidized. When the state becomes the main employer, or makes all the choices, you end up with shoddier service than when free market competition comes into play.

Good thing the pound is worth so much, cause all sorts of daily activities seem to cost an arm and a leg.

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