01 January 2008

How'd They Let That In the NY Times?!?

(via Instapundit)

John Tierney somehow was allowed to sneak in a piece critical of GLOBAL WARMING!!! alarmism in the Science section of the NY Times. His piece isn't critical of the idea that man is having some sort of effect on weather, rather his piece attacks the bandwagon-ism and consensus-ism that is infecting the public debate and even the process of science review building around this subject. Scientist get in trouble when they lose their skeptism, and it's in even worse trouble when skepticism is cause for ostracization. That's the case now in climate sciences with regards to human caused advanced global warming and any person willing to come forward with doubts as to the likelihood of the models that show all the worst cases happening over the next few decades.

He even takes a swipe at The Goracle towards the end (that takes guts).

The NYT will have to do some act of contrition for allowing this slip, I suggest 14 "Hail Gaias" as propitiation.

(Our Mother, who art the Earth, Hallowed be thy flora and fauna . . .)

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