09 January 2008

Hot Pants! Hey! Hot Pants Smokin?! Hot Pants Make Ya Sure of Yourself -Good Lord

(above pair, not likely the pair to be worn by Josh Brown)

Seattle Seahawks kicker, Josh Brown, will be wearing "heated pants" while on the sideline at Lambeau Field this weekend. This according to the ESPN article:
Brown told KIRO Radio that no matter how low the temperature drops, his legs will be 75 degrees.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

And below, the song whose lyrics I quote in the title (along with Sex Machine), from Soul Brother Number 1, James Brown (or in the original Japanese ソウル ブラザー No.1 ジェイムズー ブラウン)

And as far as I know, Josh and James Brown are not related.

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