14 January 2008

Given What Everyone Knows About Him, "First Gentleman" Is Definitely Out . . .

. . . Michelle Malkin points to some items from a Tyra Banks press release that excerpts some of her chat with Sen. Clinton to be aired this Friday. Here's the relevant part for which this post title is the punchline:

TYRA: Now if you win, you are going to be Madam President or Madame?
. . . He [Bill Clinton] has to have another name because . . . it would be your time.

SENATOR CLINTON: Well, that is true. He will always be Mr. President but now we need to do a nationwide contest for a name.

QUESTION: Like a reality show.

SENATOR CLINTON: Like a reality show. This is good, because think about it; here are some of the things that have been suggested like First Mate. His Scottish friends say “First Laddy,” but we need ideas. I’ll just keep calling him Bill.

Speaking of the gentleman who presumes to one day become "First Spouse" (rhymes with louse), Times of London (via Drudge) does a recap (10 years after) of the Clinton Perjury scandal (it wasn't about the sex, it was about the perjury, no matter what the Clintonistas insist). It's a slanted piece, as to be expected, but an interesting recap, nonetheless.

And whenever I see the picture above, my first thought is, 'I totally would have hired the redhead as an intern, instead'.

(not that Monica is unattractive, just that the redhead behind her is especially fetching, and not that 'hiring an intern' is some sort of code term for wanting to screw young women, but Pres. Clinton has made it so)

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